Individuals interested in becoming members of FABTO can apply by registering and submitting a membership application and payment of annual membership dues. An individuals FABTO membership is assigned to one of six local chapters within the state based on the geographical location of the municipality the individual member is employed by.

A Regular membership of $40.00 is required for each municipality. Additional personnel from the same municipality may obtain an Associate memberships at $25.00 each. Both Regular and Associate members are afforded full membership benefits.You MUST register as a member first in order to properly apply a payment to your membership.

Membership by Mail

If you would like to enroll or renew by mail then download our membership application. This is used for enrolling as well as renewing memberships. However, we do prefer you to automate the process for us by registering and paying online.


If you have any questions about FABTO, please use the Contact Form.

Membership Payment Options

You must register an account before paying your membership. Your account email address will be needed to apply a payment towards your membership.

Membership Types Price
Regular Membership $40.00
Associate Membership $25.00