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Master Business Tax Official (MBTO)-Level IV

This certificate will be awarded after the member has met the following requirements.

  • Receiving certification as a Senior Business Tax Official (SBTO).
  • Attending at least seven (7) state conferences*.
  • At least four (4) years service on the FABTO State Board or committee or at least six (6) years service on a Local Chapter board or committee or the combined service equivalent.*

*Once the conference attendance requirements for the CBTO level have been met the additional five (5) years conference attendance for certification at the MBTO level will be defined as a minimum of a full single days conference attendance at each of five (5) conferences. For clarification a "full single day" excludes attendance at the opening and closing half days of the conference. These additional five years of conference attendance do not have to be consecutive. Board or committee memberships can be cumulative.