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Re-Certification - Certified Business Tax Official (CBTO)

Re-certification requires attendance at one full day of any annual conference within three (3) consecutive conferences. For purposes of re-certification "one full day" is defined as a minimum of a full single days conference attendance at a conference. For clarification a "full single day" excludes attendance at the opening and closing half days of the conference.

Re-certifications will expire at the end of the month three years from the issue date.

Should an extenuating circumstance arise causing a member to be unable to meet the re-certification conference attendance requirements, the expiration date of any certification or re-certification may be extended by the Board of Directors. These extensions will be considered by the Board of Directors on a case by case basis and must be requested by the member in writing, accompanied by a letter from the member's employer explaining the circumstances. Any extension granted will be for one time, one year only.